For lightly salted pickles  you can leave them in a jar on your counter for 3-4 Days . And in 7 Days you will have fully fermented perfect pickles. The pickle brine should be foggy and not clear , that's how you know the fermenting process is taking place :)


  1. Put your cucumbers in your jar
  2. Cut up your radish in chunks or slices and place in between cucumbers
  3. Cut your garlic cloves in half and place in between cucumbers also
  4. Add in one handful of peppercorns in the jar
  5. Add in your 5 Bay Leaves
  6. Put your dill on top 
  7. In another bowl or jar add 1 Tbsp of Sea Salt to 1 Liter of Filtered water and mix until sea salt has dissolved .
  8. Now you can pour it into your jar until everything is fully submerged.
  9. Place your lid on top and you are done !